Hi, my name is Simon Wilson, and I have no a disability called Cerebral Palsy without speech. Spending so much time on the computer I thought I would try the online advertising industry to make money. I am involved with various online businesses. It is great because I just have to spend just ten minutes on each of my businesses each day to earn money. It is great, I love it.

I have three questions for you.
1. Do you have something to promote? This could be anything..
2. Have you ten minutes each day free?
3. Do you want to earn a passive income?

If you have answered the above questions with a YES, have definitely come to the right place!

I am involved with three businesses, all really easy to do. These businesses do take time to build up. Once you reach a certain level, you will get the awards!

Mjy businesses are My Paying Ads, Uvioo and LikesXL

Simon Wilson, online marketer
Simon Wilson, online marketer